Investing in Education

Unlocking equity and generating value for EBS license holders

We are a private investor in wireless spectrum and an Activist for the benefit of non-profit organizations furthering the American Educational Mission.

As a business built on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) principles, we are committed to philanthropy, and pride ourselves on investing in businesses that have a significant and lasting impact on society.

What We Do

We make it possible for educational institutions to convert their EBS spectrum into financial liquidity at the most competitive price.

Why It Matters

Colleges, universities, radio and television broadcasters and non-profit organizations who own EBS spectrum are facing budget pressures; when they transform an inactive asset into cash, they can fund programs and improve the lives of the people they serve.

The Markets We Serve Today

Owners of EBS spectrum in the U.S. and their communities.

Our Ongoing Commitment to Education

We believe a quality education is the foundation for a stronger society. This drives us to support the transformation of EBS spectrum, as permitted by the FCC,  into new financial resources for EBS holders that can be used by the organization to invest in advancing the Educational and Philanthropy experience.

Our Business

WCO Spectrum invests in schools & colleges via the purchase of EBS spectrum. As an investor in wireless spectrum, we bring competition to the market for EBS spectrum licenses. Our presence in the EBS market unlocks immense additional value for EBS license holders through a more open and competitive market. We deliver transparency, fairness, and value to EBS license holders, and level the playing field for EBS license holders by providing an independent, third-party buyer.

We are headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in Washington, D.C.