June 2022 Quarterly Newsletter
Telecom investors, education activists
Unlocking equity and generating value for EBS license holders

The WCO Spectrum team is pleased to share the great progress we have made this year in advancing our mission to maximize value for EBS license holders.

Colleges, Universities, Radio and Television Broadcasters and Non-Profit Organizations who own EBS licenses are facing budget pressures; when they transform an inactive asset into cash, they can fund programs and improve the lives of the people they serve.

Organizations across the United States are selling their licenses on a free and fair market. As of June 15, 2022 according to the FCC:

EBS Spectrum Licenses Sold

Light reading
“WCO was created by individuals with a long and well-regarded history in the telecommunications and finance industries. In the current state of affairs, many EBS [Educational Broadband Service, or 2.5GHz] licensees throughout the country are attempting to manage budget pressures. WCO in its role as telecom investors and education activists are creating an opportunity for EBS licensees to unlock the value of their spectrum while generating value for their constituents. As an investor in wireless spectrum, WCO unlocks additional value for the EBS licensees.“
Investing in the future
Turning Passive Assets into Funding for Meaningful Projects and Programs
Why did Weld County elect to sell its spectrum?

“Weld County School District RE-5J decided to sell its spectrum because the district wasn’t using it. It had leased its spectrum to a major wireless service and was receiving a small monthly lease payment.  The district’s board decided it would be better to sell and get a large up-front payment for the spectrum.“

Michael Everest
CFO, Weld County School District RE-5J

Weld County School District RE-5J, Milliken, CO 

“WCO’s experience provided an excellent platform of information that allowed the College to value the licenses and assess the transaction effectively.”

“Funds will support enhanced facilities, scholarships, and modernized programs to meet our customers—students—where they are.”

Michael Hageloh
Executive Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Indian River State College

Create more monthly income with this simple strategy
  1. Sell your EBS license for a lump sum.
  2. Invest the sale proceeds in T-Mobile bonds (investment grade).
  3. The monthly income could be higher than your EBS lease income.
  4. You will now have liquidity and can sell all or a portion of your bonds at the time of your choosing when you need it most.
EBS in the news
A fight over an FCC license has put a small Christian school at odds with a cellphone giant.

“If I had $5 million, I could really widen our net in terms of how we serve the church,” Harris said.

But a Goliath-sized obstacle stands in the school’s way.

Join us live on June 30 at 1pm EST for an update on the EBS Spectrum market.
Meet our new CEO Jeffrey Knyal, hear from our experts, learn more about recent transactions, and enjoy inspiring stories about how organizations are investing the proceeds from the sale of their licenses. We will discuss your options in choosing the best deal when you are ready to convert your spectrum asset into financial resources that can be applied to mission critical programs, capital projects, scholarships and more. 


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