News – January 2023

Telecom investors, education activists

Unlocking equity and generating value for EBS license holders

Organizations across the United States are selling their licenses on a free and fair market. As of September 21, 2022 according to the FCC:

EBS licenses sold since Rule Change 19-62 in 2020

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Education and Spectrum News

“The number of undergraduates enrolled in college nationwide is now down 9.4% compared to two years ago — a loss of nearly 1.4 million students.”

    FCC grants first batch of 2.5 GHz licenses – minus T-Mobile

      “More licensed mid-band spectrum is needed to meet growing wireless network demand”

        FCC Commissioners Tout 5G, Spectrum and Permitting Reform

          “The US can’t maximize use of its mid-band spectrum for 5G because the US government (primarily the Department of Defense) holds a large share.”


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