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Weld County School District RE-5J, Milliken, CO

Why did Weld County elect to sell its spectrum?

Weld County School District RE-5J decided to sell its spectrum because the district wasn’t using it.  It had leased its spectrum to a major wireless service and was receiving a small monthly lease payment.  The district’s board decided it would be better to sell and get a large up-front payment for the spectrum.

What was the experience of working with WCO?

It was great working with WCO Spectrum.  Being a small district and me being new to my position, when I saw the monthly payments from the wireless provider I assumed they were payments for cell towers that were on district buildings.  I had never heard of educational broadband spectrum before and I had no idea my district had it. WCO Spectrum explained what the district had and walked me through the process of potentially selling it.

What is the planned use of the funds?

The district will use the funds for large capital needs.  Current talk is to use the funds to help enhance a school renovation project the district is currently planning.  Another idea is to help purchase land for a new school building.  The district wants to be strategic with the funds to get the most long-term value.

Michael Everest

CFO, Weld County School District RE-5J

Indian River State College, Fort Pierce, Florida

Why did IRSC elect to sell its spectrum?

“WCO’s experience provided an excellent platform of information that allowed the College to value the licenses and assess the transaction effectively.”

What was the experience of working with WCO?

“Roger Jackson was prompt and forthcoming with all information requested.  His market knowledge was a valuable asset in the transaction.”

What is the planned use of the funds?

“Funds will support enhanced facilities, scholarships, and modernized programs to meet our customers—students—where they are.”

Michael Hageloh

Executive Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Indian River State College

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