Your EBS Spectrum: What is it actually worth?

July 18, 2023

Your educational broadcast spectrum (EBS) license is an asset legally owned by your organization that might now be sold for a value far higher than what you may imagine. 

  • WCO will provide historical price information to help you understand the spectrum market, which has been long distorted because of the presence of a single lessor/bidder.
  • Competitive bids for wireless spectrum have now substantially increased the potential price value of the EBS license you own.
  • WCO can make a competitive offer that does not violate your current lease terms.
  • Recent auctions have elevated spectrum prices but are still highly flawed and may intentionally not reflect true market competition.
  • In the recent FCC auction for remnant 2.5 GHz licenses, information about the population coverage for each license was absent – so most potential bidders chose not to participate.
  • Current EBS leases may work to suppress fair value and return on current licenses because of:

o   Exclusivity

o   Non-solicitation

o   Non-disclosure

o   Right of first refusal (ROFR)

Ask WCO Spectrum for a reliable estimate of license values, fair market comparisons, actual spectrum auction data and an analysis of your organization’s lease cash flow:



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